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Nov 06 2016

About us

Honorable Parents, Dear Students and Collegues!
Nepal is a small land locked Himalayan Country in the South Asia sandwiched between two giant countries; China and India with her official name "Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal". Nepal is widely recognized for being one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Moreover, it is recognized as the land of the World’s tallest mountains, Mt. Everest and land of Lord Buddha. Nepali is divided into three division that is mountain, hills and Terai region. Get facts about the geography of Nepal. Regionalism in Nepal has been created and practiced on two bases: based on geography (natural) and based on administrative regions. The natural regionalism has divided Nepal into three regions and the administrative regionalism into seven state regions. The natural regionalism has been the result of nature itself whereas administrative regionalism was introduced for balanced development in the nation.
Galkot is a naturally beautiful villege sorrounded by green hills and mountations. It consists of two rivers Gaudi and Daram which provides adequate water resources for plantation in Galkot Area. If you are willing to capture the beautiful moments of your travelling experiences in the hilly region of Nepal, Galkot is the best destination for you. Come and rejoice with nature and culture at a time in the company of friendly people of Galkot and pristine mountain landscapes. Give a break to yourself and escape in the remote Himalayas to explore nature’s treasure in Galkot. 
Galkot Secondary School is one the best school providing Secondary Level Education in Baglung.  GSS was established in 2008 Collecting nobel views and vision os social workers and people, with the aim of providing education in this grand locality of the Baglung district. After crossing several obstacles,. the school was upgraded to secondary level in 2023 B.S. Then from 2053 B.S. we have been  running +2 programs. Its our pleasure to sat that this school is first higher secondary school in Dhawalagiri zone affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). In 2061 B.S., we establish Galkot Multiple Campus affiliated to Tribhuwan University (T.U.) to provide campus campus level education to the student of this locality, particularly those who have no access of campus education out of home areas. We have been running 3 yrs B.Ed. and 4 years B.B.S. programs with enough optional subjects.

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