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On the Job Training (OJT)

17th of Baishak was the first day of Our OJT, We the student of Galkot Secondary School from Plant science faculty is performing (OJT) to complete the practical part of our study. For this we were informed to join school soon after SEE.

On the Job Training (OJT) is a critical component of professional development for aspiring professional, agriculturists. This hand on experience bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in academic settings and practical skills required in the field.

It fosters a deep understanding of plant biology, ecology, soil science and modern agriculture practices. Through OJT, trainees gain valuable insights into real world challenges and innovative solutions in plant science, equipping them to contribute effectively to agricultural sustainability, food security and environment conservation.

17th of Baisakh was the first day of our OJT. In the first week, some simple tasks like briefing about OJT vision of some theoretical classes, weeding, watering was done. We scheduled our time table and our task was Given.

One of our teachers, Mrs. Rusha Regmi gave us our first task to manage a Natural Garden (Children Park) inside our school premises.

  • Firstly, we collected all the waste materials, Plastic, Paper, wrapper scattered all over and disposed them.
  • Then, unwanted stones, rock particles were removed.
  • Tillage was done with the help of Mini tiller which was available in our school.
  • Removing weeds (weeding) and planting Korean grass by Dibbling method was done.
  • We also paved the path with stone and planted some plants to give naturalistic appearance. Some of the trees and plants were already present there and that makes the garden more attractive and beautiful.
  • After finishing our first task our instructor Rusha ma’am gave us some additional task that we should do on regular basis throughout the OJT period to maintaining the garden, i.e. regular irrigation and weeding.

Our second task was on vegetable garden given by our teacher, Mr. Amrit Bhandari. Some veggies like pumpkin, tomato, beans, cucumber, are growing in our field. Trilling with bamboo and dead branches were done and many more to go.

According to the schedule our mentor Mr. Gangaram Subedi sir will guide us to cultivate paddy and Arjun sir is there for us to instruct about insect pest of all the crop and their management. Today it is our 20th day of OJT and have learned much of the things. We are given, some incentive also. This is the best platform to change our theoretical knowledge in practical. Hope we will learn much more in upcoming days.

We are very glad to our teachers and school administrator for providing such program to us.

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