Message from The Director

Dear Students, Parents, and Educators,

I am thrilled and honored to welcome you to Galkot Secondary School, a beacon of educational excellence in our beloved city of Galkot. As the Director, I take immense pride in leading an institution that is committed to providing fully IT equipped, quality education to our students.

Our vision is to revolutionize the education standard in Galkot, creating a learning environment that nurtures not only academic brilliance but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a deep sense of social responsibility. We firmly believe that access to modern technology is a key driver in preparing our students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Galkot Secondary School’s dedication to quality education extends beyond our city’s borders. We aspire to make a significant contribution to the overall educational landscape of our country, empowering young minds to become leaders and change-makers who will positively impact society.

Together, as a community of learners, educators, and parents, we will shape a brighter future for our students and our nation. Let us embark on this transformative journey, hand in hand, as we strive to reach new heights of educational excellence.

With warm regards,

Bir Jung Bhandari, Director, Galkot Secondary School